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Scams active today

Crime/Public Safety Posted by: Highlands County Sheriff’s Office on Feb 10, 2020 3:51PM

We have had a lot of scam reports today.
One scammer was claiming to be with Walgreens and was trying to “verify account information." (Never give your account information out over the phone unless you are absolutely sure who you are talking to.)
Another was someone contacting victim from “Amazon Prime” stating there was a problem with their Amazon Prime account.They told her they tried to refund $40 to her account, the “accidentally” refunded $4,000. They requested access to her account to transfer the money back and stole $1,450 via a money transfer. (Amazon -- and almost all companies -- don't do business via money transfer. Scammers, however, love them.)
There was also a Publishers' Clearing House that was unsuccessful. The victim was supposed to go to CVS and buy Amazon gift cards to pay a registration fee (Any time someone requests payments via gift cards, that is 100 percent a scam. If you fall for it, you will never get that money back.)
Next there was a mailing from the "NeoThink Society” including a 10-page letter on how exceptional the person is and how they possessed the rare skills and abilities that contribute to success. This is nothing but an attempt to sell you stuff. Don't fall for it. (You don't need a book to tell you how special you are. Just ask your mom; she will tell you for free.)
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