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The Athletic Department of Sebring High School provides a wide variety of athletic opportunities that will aid in the academic and overall development of our students.


Athletic Director: Jasone DeWitt



Football (Varsity/JV)

Golf (Boys & Girls)

Cross Country (Boys & Girls)

Swimming/Diving (Boys & Girls)

Volleyball (Girls-Varsity/JV)

Bowling (Boys & Girls)




Basketball (Boys & Girls-Varsity/JV)

Wrestling (Varsity/JV)

Soccer (Boys & Girls-Varsity/JV)



Baseball (Boys-Varsity/JV)

Softball (Girls-Varsity/JV)

Tennis (Boys & Girls)

Track (Boys & Girls)

Weightlifting (Boys & Girls)

Flag Football (Girls-Varsity/JV)



Cheerleading (Boys & Girls)


Sebring High Athletics


Sebring FL, 33870

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